Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the difference between sport administration and sport management?

A. The two terms essentially mean the same thing. Each use business, law, and communication and apply it to a sport setting.

Q. What types of courses are involved in a sport management degree from Cedarville?

A. CLICK HERE for a complete list of sport management courses and their descriptions. 

Q. Will this degree help me to become a sports agent?

A. While this degree will help you learn the world of sport including policies, legal issues, and financial aspects, most sports agents have a degree in law. Students that want to pursue becoming a sports agent will likely need to continue on to law school.

Q. Is it true that internships can often lead to a job offer?

A. Yes. Many internships are about getting your foot in the door with a certain person, team, business, or group. Many students go on after an internship to get a job offer.

Q. Is a master's degree required?

A. While a master's degree isn't necessarily required in the field, it is suggested. Many professors will suggest to students to go on and get a master's degree to help distinguish themselves as they continue to pursue their career aspirations.

Q. What can I do with my Sport Business Management Degree?

A. The possibilities are vast. While the majority of Sport Business Management majors want a career in collegiate or professional sport, there are other options. Coaching, sport ministry, event production, and youth sport programming are all possible options.